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After joining, a second member of the same household can join for only 20€ more. Your children are automatically Message Kids.

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Your ADDRESS is used to send our magazine and to assign you to one of your "Local Areas" which helps to connect you to members and gatherings near you.

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Please tell us how many children you have, or if you are expecting in the near future. This helps us provide personalized support to you, should you want it.

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Are you having twins?
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  • In the process of adopting

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  • Pregnancy loss

International Community

Message is made up of families from all over the world! We celebrate our multi-cultural community. If you want to, tell us where you are from and the languages you speak at home. You can add them later to your profile too.

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By joining Message, I am accepting the terms and conditions of Message membership and website use. 

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You will receive the new member pack in the mail - French addresses only.

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