Over 50 events are held monthly for parents and children of all ages:   

 - Playdates and get-togethers for babies, toddlers and little kids

 - Coffees, lunches, networking events, Message Talks and nights out on the town (currently virtual).

 - Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Message has adapted to members' needs with virtual events and gatherings.

The private "Members' Home Site" is the exclusive area of our website reserved entirely for members. It is rich with trustworthy parenting resources and fosters a strong network of fellow Message members through lively discussion forums. This is continuously updated with parent recommendations, opinions and personal experience. A great place to get advice on schools, doctors and local resources! It's where you belong.

Members can 'find their people' via three types of groups:

 - Area groups (by neighborhood),

 - Social groups (by things members have in common, e.g. age of children, working parents, countries of origin, etc)