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Message Mother Support Group was founded in Paris in 1984 by a group of six women.The original idea came from Kay Roudaut, founding member, who had benefited from and therefore appreciated the "tremendous voluntary mother support services in the UK" two years previously with the birth of her first child, and wanted to re-create a similar network in and around Paris.

Though the Message network has grown from 6 members in 1984 to 1,000 members at present, the original objectives remain the same: to provide a support and contact group for English-speaking families, of all nationalities living in Paris, many of whom face the challenges of parenting far from their own families and friends. In the past 35+ years, numerous services have been added to the Message portfolio to meet the growing needs of our ever-expanding and evolving membership base.


The mission remins the same: to support one another, build friendships and share information about raising their children far from home and in a different language. We’ve grown a lot since then! Message areas now cover all of Ile-de-France and the community offers a wide range of activities, playgroups, events and support to its members, enabling members and their families to truly thrive in Paris and Ile-de-France.

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