meet our 

executive committee


Nicole Rowan

The president of Message is the head of the Executive Committee team (ExCom) and of the organization.

VP Public Relations

Shan James Saindrenan

The PR team shares news and information about Message with the public.

VP Area and Groups

Gabriella Masa-Horváth

My role as VP Areas & Groups is to have members connecting with their people.

VP Internal Communications

Saskia Nuschke

My team and I are managing and coordinating the internal communication channels like the Newsletters, Micro Messages and our Magazine.

VP Membership

Melanie Satterwhite

We are the friendly faces that greet new members and help them get to the groups and services they are seeking within Message.


Anna Ratnayaka

The role as the treasurer of Message is help create the budget, pay all suppliers and ensure that our expenses are aligned with our mission.

VP Volunteer Support

Jaime Martinoty

As VP Resources, I recruit, train, motivate, and support volunteers for Message.

VP Information Services

Michelle Miller

I manage the Message website.

VP Events

Emilia Pastor

The Events Team coordinates all of your favorite Message-wide events, classes, workshops, parties and get-togethers

VP Support Services

Imelda The

My role is to provide the best support structure for all our members, particularly pregnant and new moms.

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