We know that parenting can be an unpredictable journey and we truly believe that it takes a village. Message supports parents from pregnancy to general parenting and other questions on life in France.

To find your support resources, just go to where you are in your parenting journey.

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Babies & Toddlers

School Age Parenting

Parenting with Additional Challenges

Looking After Yourself

What Kind of Support is Available?

Support is available on a wide range of topics from pregnancy and breastfeeding, to general parenting and other questions on life in France. We work very hard to ensure that each and every member of Message receives the support they need.


This is made possible thanks to the willingness of members to share their experiences, members’ mutual respect for confidentiality and the dedication of our volunteers.

Peer Support

Message’s strength lies in the knowledge and experiences of its members. While members can reach out to each other directly through the online forums, there are countless members willing to share their experiences on a one-to-one, group, and confidential basis.

Support Groups

Support is most often provided by email and over the telephone but some groups organise events and meetings. To join a group or to request information privately on the subject, please contact the relevant Parenting Peer Support leader as indicated on the Join Groups page.

One-to-One Support 

Talk through an issue in the strictest confidence with someone who has already been there. We have a directory of Message members who are willing to share their experiences of particular life issues with other members on a one-to-one basis. 

Our Coordinator may also be able to put you in contact with relevant support organisations both in and outside of France as well as provide you with relevant website addresses.

Anonymous Forum Posts

If you wish to post a more sensitive query anonymously to the Forums, please send an email to the Anon Volunteer at The volunteer will post the query on the Forums on your behalf and private replies will be forwarded back to you directly. Members wishing to reply anonymously to an existing thread can send an email to The name of the thread to which you are replying should be clearly indicated.


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