We are mothers & fathers raising children of all ages.


We are diverse - our members come from over 60 countries and while we all speak English, we also speak over 20 other languages. 


From not-yet-born to all grown-up, and everything in-between, there's something for everyone in Message!


Years Supporting Parents


English-Speaking Families


Active Volunteers


Kids of All Ages
They say it takes a village...  this is ours

The Birth of

Message started in 1984 with a few young English-speaking mothers wanting to connect with others for support in raising their children while living away from local customs, traditions and family. In the past 36 years, it has grown into a vibrant and thriving community of parents who continue, year after year, to support one another, share openly, forge new friendships, and build bright futures for our families in France.


Message is all volunteer-run with a whole lot of heart.  Message has been around for 35 years, and has been built from the ground up by thousands of dedicated volunteer mamas and papas, who invest their time & energy - on top of their already busy lives - into this community because of the value it offers them. 

We are even led by an all-volunteer Executive Committee: fellow members who invest significant time, energy and heart into ensuring this community thrives, is found by those who need it, and always provides the best possible experience for members.

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