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Introducing the Message Paris Blog

Welcome to the Message Paris blog! If you are new here, we are a 38 year-old volunteer-run association for English-speaking parents in the Paris region (and France).

When our organization was first started in 1984, our communication was all in print form. Since then, we have evolved to communicate additionally with our members via our mobile app, emails, member forum, and now the blog. By using this platform, we aspire to continue our mission to connect parents with resources and tips to survive and thrive in France. Our members come from over 60 countries, and in addition to English, speak over 20 other languages. We love the diversity of our members; for as many members we have, we have as many different kinds of families.

For now, our blog team consists of our blog managers, Annie and Rachelle, and the VP of Information Services, Michael. If you want to volunteer on the blog team, you can reach our VP of Volunteer Support at

There's a few types of content you may expect to see here. Firstly, personal essays by our members, articles, tips etc. related to living and parenting in Paris and France. If you have information you want to post on the blog, email to get in touch!

Secondly, we will be sharing updated information from our parenting book, the ABC's of Parenting in Paris. By providing the vital information from this book (put together by our hardworking members) online, we can help both our members and non-members navigate life in France.

We will also be sharing more information about the many varied events and activities run by Message, such as our Childbirth & Early Parenting classes and Breastfeeding Education classes (all in English).

Being a parent in a foreign country is the intersection of two very challenging life situations: moving to another country, and parenting - but you are not alone. We aim to be a lifeline for you, whether you are new to France, or already a longtime resident; a new parent or an experienced one. We hope you learn something new and we get to meet you at some of our upcoming events!

À bientôt!

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