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🎁 Holiday Shopping for a Great Cause 🎁

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This holiday season, treat yourself or a loved one to something special while contributing to charity, by bidding on one of our amazing auction items.

Many of our prizes are custom packages thoughtfully curated by our donors, that you won't find anywhere else. Holiday Shopping for a great cause. This auction is open to the public, so please share it with your friends. We've committed to sourcing the majority of our prizes from local businesses and entrepreneurs - learn more about them on their auction pages! Every Euro of your winning bid will be donated to four charities selected by Message members - the more you get, the more you give!

The entire amount raised from the auction will be split between four charities:

Le Choix de L’Ecole: This donation will help fulfill teachers' wish lists in high need schools in the Paris area so that they can get materials they desperately need to teach, and helps fund their professional development.

SOS Help: Helpline in France: SOS Help is a free English-speaking helpline in France to help prevent suicide and alleviate anxiety. Their telephone service is confidential, anonymous, and run by highly trained volunteers.

Zinzolin: Zinzolin helps refugees from all over the world, and especially from Afghanistan, to integrate in France. This donation will go to help refugees with food, housing, clothes and their administrative issues.

La Maison de Marthe & Marie: This donation will go to helping pregnant women in France facing difficult situations, who have split with their partners, or who are without family support.

  1. Create an account in order to make bids on the 32Auctions website.

  2. Look over the 75+ items up for bid.

  3. Bid on the ones that you want.

  4. Check back frequently to make sure you are the highest bidder, if not - bid again!

  5. Last day of bidding is Dec. 4th. Please join for the interactive watch party (see below). Remember, you are getting something wonderful and all the money raised is going towards four valuable causes: high-need schools, refugees, a helpline and mothers in challenging situations.

Last day of the Auction, please join us for the Auction Watch Party!

Sun, 04 Dec 8:30pm Via Zoom Auction Watch Party 2022 Join us for the final nail-biting, heart pumping, last minutes of the auction to see who wins the highest bid for so many cool prizes. The auction officially ends at 9:00pm UNLESS.... (drumroll) Watch with us LIVE as the online battle takes places right in front of our eyes. In the end, the true winner (besides the person who wins the cake package) are the charities we are supporting. So join us and see how much we can buy and give at the same time. There will be bonus door prizes, interactive banter and a very fun vibe for this once-a-year unique virtual get-together. Note: You are not required to attend the Watch Party to win, you can be engaged in a bidding war stealthily at home on the auction website.


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