Meet the Executive Committee

The Team Leaders of Message

VP Membership

Melanie Satterwhite

I'm American and have been living in France for 15 years. I teach middle and high school English with the Education nationale, but am currently on leave with my new baby, Noah. Big brother Rayan is 5.5.

The Membership Team helps new members enroll and get information like the Welcome Packets and ABCs and also coordinates current member renewal. Most importantly, we are the friendly faces that greet new members and help them get to the groups and services they are seeking within Message.

VP Support Services

Imelda The

Hailing from Indonesia, I am an ex-consultant and now a SAHM with a 4-yr old daughter. I have been calling France my home for the past 12 years.

My role is to provide the best support structure for all our members, particularly pregnant and new moms. My team and I are here as your sympathetic ear, your shoulder to cry on and your information signpost when you need help.

VP Public Relations

Shan James Saindrenan

I'm an Editor and Communications Consultant by trade, though in my personal life I unapologetically use way too many exclamation marks! I love surrounding myself with food (I'm from Singapore), football, family and friends. While in college in Seattle, I met a Frenchman who makes me laugh. We now live in Paris with our two mini-tornadoes Rohan (6 and a HALF) and Théo (4).

The PR team shares news and information about Message with the public. As VP for PR, I oversee: our public website, the fabulous PR team as well as external relations with other Anglophone organisations in the region.

VP Events

Emilia Pastor

I am Colombian/American and have been living in Paris for the past three years with my two children and French husband. Professionally I am a teacher coach and when I have spare time I like to hunt for a good Mexican restaurant.

The Events Team coordinates all of your favorite Message-wide events, classes, workshops, parties and get-togethers. Our events are ever evolving as we strive to add new, interesting and diverse opportunities for our community to be a part of. Tell us what events work for you!

VP Information Services

Michelle Miller

I manage the Message website.

VP Internal Communications

Saskia Nuschke

Having a passion for photography I sometimes take, just for the fun of it, pictures at Message Events. I am mum to Quentin (2 1/2) and live in Paris since June 2017.

My team and I are managing and coordinating the internal communication channels like the Newsletters, Micro Messages and our Magazine.

VP Volunteer Support

Jaime Martinoty

I've been in France for 5 years, working as a uni teacher for Hospitality, as well as English. My two sons (3.5 and 1 yrs) keep me super busy, and I love all things giraffes, yoga, and the Golden Girls.

As VP Resources, I recruit, train, motivate, and support volunteers for Message. Come join us!!

VP Area and Groups

Gabriella Masa-Horváth

My 3 kids are 4, 6 & 8, and I've been in Paris for over 15 years.

My role as VP Areas & Groups is to have members connecting with their people. In their geographies (the areas), or by their interests : dads, lifers (which just means permanently in Paris), working parents, etc., and age-based family activities beyond the baby stage (little kids 3-6, primary school kids, teens & tweens, and older kids). We know connections are the heart and soul of Message, so it's a busy and exciting place to volunteer.


Anna Ratnayaka

I grew up in Poland, after graduating from the University I went for a one year internship to Austria and, as it happens, ended up spending over 5 years there. From Vienna I moved to Singapore to join my now husband and after a few international relocations (Germany, Ireland, Qatar), in March 2019,we've moved to Paris with our son Julian (3). Eager to connect with other English speaking families I joined Message a few months later, and in Autumn I started volunteering as Expense Coordinator. I've worked in banking and finance throughout my professional career, however, I've been a stay-at-home mum since Julian was born.

The role as the treasurer of Message is to pay all suppliers we work with. It is even better when I pay them on time ! I record all our revenues and make sure that they cover our costs.


Nicole Rowan

I am an American and have lived all around the US and all around the globe - landing in France, for the last 11 years. Trained as a social worker, I have worked/volunteered in the non-profit world in political and community organizations for over 15 years. In the last few years, I have turned my attention to gardening and have become an organic gardener. I am married to a French guy, whom I met in North Carolina 15 years ago. We have two daughters, Sabine (10) and Leonora (7) who delight and challenge me on a daily basis! We are a reading, dancing and eco-friendly family.

The president of Message is the head of the Executive Committee team (ExCom) and of the organization. I ensure that our activities are in line with and in furtherance of our mission. I assure necessary recruitment, development and contributions of the Vice Presidents who make up the ExCom. I partner with each VP to set priorities, support and ensure their directives are implemented. I ensure our team approves policies that are sound and compliant for meeting the needs of our members and volunteers. I champion our community and promote its mission to our members and to the public.

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