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Message is a non-profit, independent organisation, 100% volunteer-run by parents.

There is no central office, and no paid staff. All activities involved in running the association, organising activities and events, and providing support services are carried out by members of Message, all busy parents with demanding schedules.

Your message will be redirected to the most appropriate person within the organization who will respond as soon as they can. Due to limited manpower, we are unable to individually respond to questions from the general public/non-members that deal with baby equipment rental; nanny, household help or medical practitioner searches; suggested activities, schools and other children’s resources in Paris, etc. We recommend you purchase a copy of the Message publication: ABCs of Parenting in Paris for these and other related topics of interest.

If you'd prefer to talk to someone in Message, then call 01 58 60 00 53 .

This line is answered between 9am and 4pm on weekdays, by a team of volunteer members. An answer-phone service is available at other times.

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