Helping English-speaking parents thrive in the City of Lights

We are 1500 mothers & fathers - collectively raising over 3000 children of all ages in and around Paris. From not-yet-born to grown-up, the average age of our kids is 7 years old. Last year alone we welcomed over 160 newborns. All of us are working - about half of us outside the home, about half of us as stay-at-home parents. We come from over 60 countries, speak over 20 languages. The common denominator? We also all speak English.

We are different and so much alike.

We all want to feel rooted here.
We all hope our families can feel at home here - whether for a year or for a lifetime.
We all love our kids (and 'completely objectively' think they are the best - 'ahem, because they are...')
We can all relate to 'You know you're in France when...' jokes.
We all need support at times and give support at times.
We all love to laugh, see our children smiling and making new friends.
We all want to belong. And here, we do.

See you around the neighborhood!

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Thursday 17 January
7:30 pm, Scots Kirk