• Saskia Nuschke

A warm „Welcome“ to our new Message Blog! 

We have been working the last weeks on our new blog (and are still working on it) which will soon be launched.

Why do we need a Message blog?

The answers are various but quite simple: 

  • The blog will be an addition to our Magazine

  • On the blog we will find interesting articles from all areas of Message on a regular basis all year round

  • You can directly comment and/or discuss under your favorite articles and topics. The articles become instantly more interactive

  • It is a great medium for integrating everybody. You can participate easily in sharing your ideas, expertise and information with the Message community.

Photo byDanielle MacInnesonUnsplash

We are looking for authors - you!

Bring yourselves in and let out the creative you! Are there topics you have something to say about? Are you just a passionate writer who would like to share with our community?

Well, write an article and submit it. We are happy about active participation :-)

What kind of articles will you find?

We are planning to blog on the following topics we identified as important for Message members:

  • Pregnancy

  • Childcare

  • Education

  • Activities

  • Administration in France

  • The Practical Stuff

  • Life in Paris

  • Green Living

  • Healthcare

  • Work/Life

  • Shopping

  • and topics you find important, but feel are missing in the above list

Of course we are thankful for every suggestion and idea. Get involved! We want to create a medium worthy of our community. Informative, funny, moving, emotional, up-to-date, personal, exciting, and everything else you can think of to make you happy.

Personally I am thrilled about this new step and hope that you will have a lot of fun with our new medium. 

How to participate?

For all those who are interested in submitting an article, please send your text with appropriate photos and a short description/presentation of who you are to XXX under the following email address:


How to write a good blog article?

We have put together some best practices on how to write a blogpost. Please take a look at our infographic here

Simple Steps to Write the best Blog Article

We hope this blog will grow and become one of our major pillars of information within the website.

Cheers, Saskia

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