Pregnancy & Childbirth

Educational Classes

Childbirth & Early Parenting Class

The Childbirth and Early Parenting classes are taught in small groups by a qualified instructor who is a Message member, trained by the National Childbirth Trust (UK). The classes are tailored to clients’ needs and cover topics including: how to help yourself through labour using pain management methods such as breathing, relaxation and massage; what to expect in a French hospital; and the pain relief options available.  These classes are typical held over a weekend.  The course is recommended from the 6th month of pregnancy, but please book early to avoid disappointment. There is a fee for this service. For the full programme and further information, contact the CEP class coordinator. 

Deborah Whitaker

Breastfeeding Education Class

The Breastfeeding Education classes are recommended for pregnant members and their partners in the third trimester of pregnancy. The classes, provided by Message's Breastfeeding Supporters team, focus solely on breastfeeding and complement the Message Childbirth and Early Parenting Classes.   The classes are held monthly and there is a small fee for this service.  For more information, contact the Breastfeeding Education class coordinator.

Tens Machine Rental

A TENS machine is a small device used for pain relief during labour. It sends a sensation like mild pins and needles through electrodes attached to your back. Message rents these machines to members for a small fee.  We have five machines available for hire so book well in advance!

Breastfeeding Supporters (BFS)

BFS support new and expecting mothers by providing them with information on breastfeeding topics. BFS talk through issues and and support breastfeeding mothers in the course of their day-to-day lives, and importantly, when mothers meet with difficulties breastfeeding.

Kelly Prifti

Bumps2Babies (B2B)

A Bumps2Babies (B2B) contact provide support to all members who are expecting throughout pregnancy and after the baby arrives. There is a B2B contact for each Message Community. You are free to contact your B2B with questions at any stage of your pregnancy and early parenthood journey.  To be assigned a B2B when you are pregnant, you need to be included on the Message Expectant Parents List. For this, simply update your account to indicate that your family is growing and include your due date. For moms of young babies that join us after the baby was born, you can still have a B2B contact just contact your assigned B2B contact in your area.  

Visit the Area Contacts page for a list of B2Bs by Message community.

Infertility Support

Infertility can be a very isolating diagnosis as couples can often be reluctant to reach out to others.  Message's Infertility Support can help if you are looking for practical information or if you just want to share your ups and downs on the infertility rollercoaster with other English speakers.   

Gillian Mortimer

Pregnancy Loss Support Group

If you have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss, you already know that navigating grief is a challenging experience. You may hear that one in four pregnancies ends in a loss, but you may not have a friend to turn to who can relate to the complicated feelings of grief you might be experiencing. Message would like to be that friend by offering a Pregnancy Loss Support Group: a safe place to go to talk, to listen, to share and to heal - together!

Eugenia Mazzino

Medical Directory

Looking for a obgyn or a midwife? The Medical Directory is a member-sourced list of medical practitioners and institutions in Paris and France. Personal feedback is not given but members may indicate their willingness to be contacted. 

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