Parenting with Additional Challenges


For many families, having a premature or preterm baby is a unique and frightening experience.  Although some families will be diagnosed as having a high risk pregnancy, for the majority, this situation is neither expected nor prepared for. The goal of the Message “preemies” group is to offer support and share experiences on a member-to-member basis, giving you a place to talk about how you are feeling with someone who understands.

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The Message Multiples Support group offers support and ideas to families dealing with the unique challenges of carrying and caring for multiples, especially for Message members who are far from family and friends. The group can also put you in touch with other support groups out there. Should you be considering breastfeeding, the Message Breastfeeding Supporters can help, as can mums who are currently breastfeeding twins or who have done so recently.

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Single Parenting

Becoming a solo parent, for any reason, can be a difficult time for anyone.  There is much to organise and so many arrangements to make. Sometimes it is hard to sort through all the advice available and find out what really applies to you. Being a single parent can feel like a very lonely place and often the only ones who can understand or help are other parents who have faced similar challenges.  Message's Single Parents Support Group can help you through the highs and lows of solo parenting. They also regularly host events for single parents and their children.

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Step Parenting

If you have become part of a stepfamily, whether you are the stepparent or have brought a new partner into your children’s lives, you know that it takes time to build a new family. New relationships need to develop, and existing ones need to feel secure again. When families “blend” to create stepfamilies, sometimes things do not progress smoothly.  As with many of life’s experiences, often the only ones who can understand what you are going through are other stepparents.

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Welcoming an adopted child into your family or creating a new family through adoption can be a difficult and rewarding experience.  If your life is affected by adoption, you may be searching for answers to particular questions or just want a little extra support from time to time. The aim of the Message Families with Adopted Children Support Group is to provide information based on collective practical experience. The group seeks to support one another from the first steps in considering adoption and throughout the years as our children grow.

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Special Education Needs

Message's Special Education Needs (SEN) is an informational support contact role rather than a peer-to-peer support group. SEN provides knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help with regards to special education needs, such as autism, special learning needs, dyslexia, etc.  SEN works closely with EKIPP (Extraordinary Kids in Paris & Parents Too) SPRINT’s parent support network and group to provide support

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