Looking After Yourself

Maternal Mental Health Support

The purpose of the Message Maternal Mental Health Peer Support Group is to support each other as mothers who have struggled with, or are currently experiencing, low mood, anxiety and other expat-related issues at all stages of their parenting journey - from pregnancy to parenting adult children. This peer to peer support group is not a replacement for individual or group therapy, but rather a safe space for mothers to share experiences, troubleshoot issues, learn about Paris-specific resources, and most importantly, offer support to one another.

Dr. Jennifer Kane

Domestic Violence Support

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone; it does not discriminate. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, don't hesitate to reach out to Message's Domestic Violence Help (DVH) contact.  DVH is there to help direct you to available resources and find the support you need (e.g. English speaking domestic violence support groups; provide testimony or accompaniment to the police; French-English translation help, etc.)  All message will be treated with discretion and care. 

Amanda Buttenshaw

Separation/Divorce (coming soon)

Divorce or separation under normal circumstances is difficult but going through it in a foreign country can be doubly hard.  Understanding the procedure, knowing your rights during separation / divorce and dealing with custody can be overwhelming.  Message can provide peer to peer support from members that had to go through it themselves as well as act as an information signpost for information and resources. 

Chronic Illness (coming soon)

For people with chronic illness it is a burden that many go through alone.  Whether it be cancer, MS,  or chronic migraines, Message wants help members who are searching for information and resources as well as at times lend a sympathetic ear.

Bereavement (coming soon)

Losing a loved one can be shocking and overwhelming to anyone.  Message knows that when it happens it helps to have a village as a shoulder to lean on.  Message's Bereavement support can help to organize practical support like meal trains, chore assistance, or assistance with completing government paperwork.  Message works with the Rainbow Connection, an English speaking bereavement support group that holds support meetings at the American church.  If you or someone you know has loss someone and needs assistance, don't hesitate to reach out Bereavement support. 

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