Babies & Toddlers

Breastfeeding Supporters (BFS)

BFS support new and expecting mothers by providing them with information on breastfeeding topics. BFS talk through issues and and support breastfeeding mothers in the course of their day-to-day lives, and importantly, when mothers meet with difficulties breastfeeding.

Kelly Prifti

Bumps2Babies (B2B)

A Bumps2Babies (B2B) contact provide support to all members who are expecting throughout pregnancy and after the baby arrives. There is a B2B contact for each Message Community. You are free to contact your B2B with questions at any stage of your pregnancy and early parenthood journey.  To be assigned a B2B when you are pregnant, you need to be included on the Message Expectant Parents List. For this, simply update your account to indicate that your family is growing and include your due date. For moms of young babies that join us after the baby was born, you can still have a B2B contact just contact your assigned B2B contact in your area.  

Visit the Area Contacts page for a list of B2Bs by Message community.

Wobblers & Toddlers

Wobblers and Toddlers (W&T) Contact is currently a pilot program that is meant to be the next step for parents when their babies become mobile or toddlers.  As with the B2Bs, the W&T Contact hosts or helps to organize meet-ups.  They also act as an information conduits for parents for relevant services or activities for mobile babies or toddlers. 

Under 3 Playgroup

Socialization for children under 3 is an important aspect in their development.  Message proposes an Under 3 Playgroup that meets twice a month at Saint Michael's church in Paris 8th Arrondissement.  The playgroup is open to not only members but non-members as well.  Come bring your baby and/or toddler and let them play together.

Mariana Romanelli

Medical Directory

Looking for a generalist, a pediatrician or a specialist? The Medical Directory is a member-sourced list of medical practitioners and institutions in Paris and France. Personal feedback is not given but members may indicate their willingness to be contacted. 

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