What We Offer

Message provides three different types of services:

Events & Activities

Parenting Resources

Support Services

Events & Activities:

  • Social Events

    Ongoing children's activities, speakers, informal coffees, seasonal parties, evening & weekend events and social activities for parents and the whole family.
  • Babies & Toddlers 

    Regular get-togethers for mothers-to-be and new parents, often including speakers or facilitated discussion on matters relating to pregnancy, childbirth and infants.
  • Kids of all Ages 

    Fun activities for kids of all ages - from newborn to kids getting older - from picnics & games at the park, to magic shows and outings to English bookstores.
  • Working Parents

    Frequent opportunities to enable working parents to meetup and to exchange experiences and ideas, at lunchtime, evenings and on weekends.
  • Country & Language Groups

    Connect with members who share your mother tongue or home country. Message has contacts for 16 languages and many more nationalities.
  • Message Talks

    Message maintains a list of qualified speakers on a range of topics from bilingualism and fitness to child nutrition and "Positive Discipline." All the speakers give their time freely to Message for this purpose.
  • Message-Wide Events

    Most events are organised in the local areas, although Message sponsors several larger events throughout the year such as an annual Easter Egg Hunt, Father's Day Picnic, Halloween Trick or Treating, and a twice-yearly Bring & Buy Sale. Message also partners with other organizations to offer cross-community events such as an Education Fair and symposiums on bilingualism.

Parenting Resources*:

  • Members-Only Website

    The members-only private website is rich with parenting resources, and keeps you in contact with the strong network of fellow Message members through lively discussion forums.
  • ABCs of Parenting in Paris

    This indispensable guide to living in Paris as a family, is filled with useful information.  Chapters include: Activities, Administration, Childcare, Education, Health, Pregnancy and Birth, Shopping, Travel and Work.
  • Magazine

    Message members publish a quarterly Magazine containing articles and information on parenting, France, and other relevant topics.
  • Library

    More than 500 books and videos in English and French about fertility, pregnancy, parenting and life in France, as well as children's books, tapes and educational CDs.
  • Medical Directory

    Information on medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics in and around Paris ­is provided by members for use by members.
  • Education Directory

    Information and feedback on the French education system, local schools in and around Paris, enrollment procedures and school curriculae.
  • Member Recommendations

    Information and feedback on first-hand experience with non-medical professionals in and around Paris such as lawyers, plumbers, computer help, nutrition and health consultants, etc can be found on our member-only chat Forums.

Support Services*

  • Childbirth and Early Parenting Classes

    Classes in English for mothers-to-be and their partners, covering topics relating to pregnancy, childbirth and coping with a newborn. The Instructors are Message members with recognized qualifications.
  • Breast & Bottle Feeding Support

    Trained supporters are available to discuss difficulties or simply answer questions relating to breastfeeding & bottle feeding - and weaning.
  • Bumps2Babies Contacts

    Pregnancy can be the most exciting of times and the most overwhelming. It is always reassuring for new parents to know there is someone they can turn to for support and guidance—no matter what the question.
  • Support Directory

    Allows members to have access - in the strictest confidence - to other members who are willing to share their experiences on subjects such as: pregnancy and birth, adoption, miscarriage, childhood illness, learning difficulties, eating disorders, raising twins, depression, breast cancer, marital issues, single parenthood, family tragedy.
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* Message aims to facilitate parent-to-parent support in all the areas mentioned above. Members are urged to consult an expert or professional regarding the applicability of any opinions, help, or advice to their own personal circumstances.