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First time member: 50€ *

Renewing member: 40€

Family membership: +20€ **

Membership is valid for 1 year after join date.

The ABC's of Parenting in Paris is available for a reduced rate of 10 when joining.

Our volunteers are a dedicated bunch of moms and dads and will process your application as soon as possible. While it's typically a speedy process, please allow up to three weeks to process your application - especially around times that are particularly busy for us parents, like school holidays, Wednesdays, everyday... 

The fastest way to join is to submit your application and pay online. Once you do, you will usually be granted access to the Members-Only Website within 48 hours. Your application for membership is confirmed once you receive your members’-only website login details. You will receive your New Member Pack shortly after.  

Applying from abroad? If you did not supply a French mailing address when joining please re-contact us here once you have arrived in France so we may mail your New Member Pack to your French residence.

Message offers subsidized memberships to people who could benefit from Message but for whom cost is an issue. Please visit the contact page and select 'I want to apply for a subsidized membership' from the topic menu to apply, or contact the Message President at

Contact Us if you have any questions about joining.

* First time membership fee includes a non-refundable registration fee of 10 

** Did you know? Two members of the same household can apply for a family membership for only +20€. To join as a family or to add your partner to your membership, just go through the regular sign-up process for each of you, then send an email to indicating both names and that you'd like a family membership.

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Si vous souhaitez exercer ce droit et obtenir communication des informations vous concernant, veuillez vous aller à la page Contact Us et sélectionnez l'option' I need more information before joining'.

The information collected is required for your membership.

This information is kept electronically and made available to certain volunteers. In accordance with article 39 and the provisions that follow in the amended law of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and correct your personal information. If you wish to exercise this right, please go to the Contact Us page and select the 'I need more information before joining' option.