About Us

Message was established in 1984 by six English-speaking, expatriated women living in Paris wishing to connect with others for support in raising their children far away from local customs and traditions and family.

Today our size has grown but our goal remains the same: to provide support and a network for English-speaking parents living in the Paris region. Parenting is always an adventure no matter where you are, but parenting far from family and friends- and in a different language and culture- can present challenges that no parent should endure alone.

Message is organized into 18 areas in and around Paris. We are led by an all-volunteer Executive Committe comprising a President and nine Vice Presidents. Our monthly activities range from playdates to breastfeeding support to cultural, social, and professional events. We have an active chat forum on our members-only website where we discuss issues big and small and you can always find a friendly voice. You can also find and list classified ads, view a calendar of events, check for family-friendly things to do via "What's On in Paris," and access other helpful resources.

Above all, Message builds community, lends support, and fosters relationships.

Message is where you belong.

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